[70×100 cm | Pastelmat | Mixed media]

I paint in terms of (what might be called) ‘Sedimentary Symbolics’. Imagine fossils of tentative symbols caught in the middle of the process of becoming and fickle figuration not yet ready to be some thing. What is the content of such indecisive life forms? All embedded and partially excavated – sometimes with a toothbrush, sometimes with a shovel. Yet also being seething singing possible worlds in a microcosm of a flat surface. Humming a life not yet articulated and therefore at the height of existence.

Some paintings are more in the line of biological/physical nature, as we perceive it. These microcosms may appear simultaneously reminiscent of lichen and galaxies. In connecting these seeming opposites, the astronomical, the earthly, with the symbolic, hidden under layers of time and habitual seeing, I hope to put my finger on a fundamental sameness. A presence. A music of life no longer made dissonant by layers of language and re-presentation. The world you see is the world of the painting. In seeing it, you share that world. By interpreting it, you steal it, and simultaneously destroy it as a living organism: it becomes a reflection of your personality, instead of a potential of life.

In a general sense, I merely want the painting to have a voice of its own; not in order to communicate, obviously, neither in terms of signification or emotion. I find this thoroughly simplistic vision very difficult to achieve, but some day, somehow, maybe, who’s to say?