Welcome to my publications page. I’ve decided to put some of my work here free to access. The format of the “publish online” feature I use for the time being is far from ideal, be sure to maximize the books. More will be coming. Should you have the means and find it justified to support this kind of work, it’s actually possible via this link: paypal.me/FredricNord.


Photographs and text join ranks to invade the thorny issue on whether or not the habit of signification is akin to a ‘fear of flying’ of sorts. Sudden and unexpected clarity strikes our two comrades as a Great Tit sweeps in to save the day.


Graphic imagery and text goes head to head, battling it out on unusually level terms as the once so mighty linguistic finds itself upside down. However – true to its reputation of not being a quitter – text pulls no punches and ventures fearlessly into the mystic.



A braid of tales spanning time and spinning space around your finger. Revolving, evolving and involving the fundamental aspects of the human experience: the memory and its lovechild the tragedy; the mystical and its lovechild the comedy; the circular act of reasoning and the spirallic reasoning of poetry. All built around a few recently found dusty and torn pages of the somewhat Borgesian “Encyclopaedia of the Wonders and Wonderings of Värmland”. It’s a bloody mess is what I’m saying. [In Swedish]

Not: Den text som heter ‘Den Onde’ kan nog uppfattas som lite obehaglig, den som vill slippa sådant kanske kan hoppa över den.