About the drawings

All drawings are from 2021, ink markers on Fabriano mixed media paper, 30×42 cm. I’ve essentially used Tombow acrylic inks for these works, but also Rembrandt dry pastels, Copic markers, charcoal for drawing, charcoal from Palo Santo and basic pencils.

Rock carvings and ancient symbols have been an inspiration for some images. In a few cases I’ve actually copied carvings found in the west coast of Sweden and implemented them in my drawings. The idea is to combine these basic traditional forms with made up symbols, figurations and pure abstractions.

My work may appear disparate in style, but having a style – as well as working in terms of themes, series or narratives – doesn’t interest me. All images start with a blank sheet of paper and a potential ‘limited’ only by the tools at my disposal (although limitation benefits potential too, just as the boundaries of the paper make the microcosm of the drawing possible). I do sometimes have a starting point, an idea to implement something particular, but how an image comes about and ends up is entirely based on decisions made from moment to moment, not least coincidences, mistakes and whims are influential.